Help With Voucher Codes

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Once you are approved for a product in the Vipon you will receive a voucher code to the email address that you registered your Vipon account with. So keep a regular eye on this inbox as most codes will expire within 48 hours of being issued.

Follow the instructions in that email and purchase using the voucher code provided.

Q: Why is my code not working?

  1. The promotion hasn't started yet.
    • Wait a little longer and check the code again later.
  2. The voucher code has expired.
    • Contact the seller for the correct code. 
  3. The voucher code has already been used.
    • Contact the seller for a new code. 
  4. You are trying to purchase from the wrong seller. 
    • If there are multiple sellers for a product your code will only work for seller who created the code.
    • You need to be sure that you are trying to buy the product from the correct seller. Check your instructions to see if the seller gave you this detail.
    • If you're not sure, email the seller for advice. 
  5. You have more than one item in your basket for which the voucher code isn't valid for.
    • Remove the additional items, then try the voucher code again.
  6. Seller has mistakenly set up the voucher code incorrectly.
    •  Contact the seller for the correct code. 

Q: How do I fix a bad code?

We always recommend shoppers to contact the Seller straight away if the code doesn't work. 

The Seller may not be aware of the issue or they discover later on that the code doesn't work, they will not be able to contact you, as they do not have access to shopper's emails. 

Therefore the only way for them to send you the correct code will be if you contact them directly.

Q: I have contacted the seller but they haven't responded. Now what?

Please be patient and give the Seller a few days to respond as they may be bombarded with emails, especially if there is something wrong with all the codes. 

If you have given them sufficient time to respond and you still don't hear from them then please email them again as the email can sometimes go to their spam folder. 

If you really aren't having any luck then please go to your dashboard and click the 'report seller' text. This will note in our system the issue you had and why the purchase was not completed.


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