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Q: What do you do if there is no link to the product, just instructions.

Some sellers want the shopper to find and purchase their product manually, this is totally fine. 

You will see in the email that there is no link provided. 

In this is the case, please follow the instructions in the red box. If you can not find the product from the instructions provided then please email the seller directly on the support email provided with the code, as they are the only one that can help. 

Q: The price of product changed from when I applied to purchase. What do I do?

We’ve noticed that some of the products on Vipon will advertise one price, but then jump in price when it actually comes time to purchase. 

This is HIGHLY annoying we know, but we want you all to know that this is NEVER intentionally done by sellers. They have nothing to gain by this, and they lose your valuable purchase in return. This is simply due to problems with the sellers being confused by the coupon system, or changing the price of their products and not remembering to alter the promo codes.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do here. So thanks for your patience! Anytime this happens just login to your Vipon account, "report a problem", and the request will go away from your dashboard once we verify it. This will help us get back to the seller to educate them on how to fix this issue. 

To see more details on this process of how to report the problem please see this section:  Q: How do I cancel a product AFTER I've been approved?

Note: Reporting a seller WILL NOT stop you being approved for future deals from them. So please do the report to help us better manage the sellers listings. 

Q: What happens if the voucher codes do not work?

If coupon codes don't work, please contact the Seller. We cannot help with voucher codes that don't work. The Seller is the one who sets this up and sends them out via our system.

If, even after emailing the Seller several times, you don't hear back, you can report them to us.

Then please move on to another product. We understand it's frustrating but there really isn't anything we can do as the codes are all set up through Amazon.

For more on this topic, please read  Help With Voucher Codes.

Q: I never received a voucher code. Why?

If you didn't receive a coupon code then it means you were never selected to purchase the product. So, if you receive any onward emails regarding the product, then you can ignore the email and our system will update.

Q: I no longer want to buy the product I requested. What should I do?

We have an answer for this at the link here:  What if I don't want the product anymore?


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