Vipon FAQs

A Super Quick FAQ - The Rules & Top Tips

In This Article:

  1. Expect To Buy
  2. Leave A Disclaimer
  3. No Reselling
  4. Contact Seller
  5. Get Free Shipping
  6. One Account Per Household
  7. One Product At A Time

  1. Expected to Buy:

    Only request to purchase what you can afford to buy. Codes are only available for 48 hours once issued and the sellers will be expecting you to purchase.

  2. Should You Leave a Disclosure?

    You can choose whether you review a Vipon product, but are in no way obligated to do. If you do review, you are not required to leave a disclosure.

  3. No Reselling:

    You are NOT allowed to re-sell any of these products in any way. We are banning any and all who break this rule. 

  4. Contact Seller:

    When to contact the seller ( the seller's email is always displayed in your Vipon account):

    • When a code does not work. 
    • When a code is expired. 
    • If the price ever changes from the advertised offer. 
    • If you are not happy with the product or something is missing/broken. 
  5. Get Free Shipping:

    • We recommend that everyone sign up and use Amazon Prime. It's one low yearly fee for all kinds of great perks, and free 2-day shipping on everything so you can purchase all the Vipon products you want!
  6. One Account per Household:

    • Amazon prefers to see only one account per household, so we do to. And hey, it works better this way when sharing a Prime account. 
  7. One Product at a Time:

    If a code does not work, always try to only purchase "one product at a time". 

    • If you try to use multiple codes on multiple products at once many times it will cause one or more not to work. 
    • So purchase them one at a time.


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