Reporting Issues with Sellers or Products

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Reasons to Report a Seller

We would appreciate your feedback on issues that you may have with sellers.  Here are the reasons to report a seller:

  • Coupon code or voucher is not working AND you have ALREADY tried several times to contact the seller directly.
  • Seller is not responding for over 10 days. You MUST try to contact the seller before reporting them. 
  • Seller is requesting you to purchase the product and then reimburse you after purchase. 
  • Seller is demanding or threatening in any way. 

Note: Reporting a seller WILL NOT stop you being approved for future deals from them. The only time you aren't able to apply for a product deal is if you've been approved previously. 

If you report a seller, should you select a product deal of their's at a later time, we will simply give you a popup warning. This gives you the choice if you'd like to deal with them again and try to get this working, or pass on the offer.

How To: Report Issues With Sellers

If you are dealing with a seller that is breaking the rules or breaking the terms of service.  Here is how to report them:

  1. Click on the "Deal Requests" link on the top right of the page.
  2. Find the product in your list of requested products.
  3. Locate the seller's email in the Product column.
  4. Send the seller a detailed email FIRST that explains what is going on and see if you can work it out.
  5. If that does not work please click on 'Report a Problem'. 
  6. A popup window will appear for you to give a detailed description of what is going on.
  7. Use the dropdown to select the type of issue you are reporting. 
  8. In the textbox leave an explanation of at least 100 characters about the issue with the seller.  
  9. Then click the "Submit Report" button.
  10. Then click the 'Hide Request' link. 
    • Are you sure? Have you waited long enough?
    • Once this is hidden, it is gone, and CAN'T undone.
Note: Once you hide a request it can't be undone. You can't unhide this, as it will disappear from your dashboard. 

What Not To Do!

  • DO NOT ignore the sellers emails trying to work. 
    • Remember these are small business owners trying to make a living. Please work with them as best you can. 
  • DO NOT over use the Report a Problem/Hide Request function. 
    • This will lead to your account getting flagged

Reasons to Report a Product

When browsing the Vipon deals community, if you come across a product which doesn't align with our rules or has a mistake in the offer, you can report it to us without having to request the product. 

Here are some reasons you might report a product:

  • Price differs from Amazon listing to Vipon deals community offer.
  • Promotion value is not at least 50% off as per the minimum discount rule.
  • Product image is wrong compared to the Amazon listing.
  • Shipping costs are incorrect.
  • Product category is incorrect/inappropriate.
  • Seller has made a mistake on the listing

By reporting an issue with the product we will get notified, which will be monitored regularly. We do not reply to these reports, they are just used to sort out the bad deals from the hundreds of good ones. 

How To: Report Issues With Product prior to Requesting

  1. Once you have found a product of concern, click on the product image to open the preview window.
  2. Under the Request Deal button click on 'Report this product'.
  3. A popup window will appear for you to give a detailed description of what is going on.
  4. Click on 'Select Report Reason' to display a list of the type of issue you are reporting. 
  5. Select the most appropriate reason from the dropdown list.
  6. In the textbox leave an explanation of at least 100 characters about the issue with the product.  
  7. Then click the 'Submit Report' button.

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