Terms Of Service, Rules & Regulations

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Q: What are the Vipon Terms of Service, Rules, Regulations?

As a member of Vipon you MUST follow the rules below to avoid your account getting flagged leading to banning you from Vipon.

NO Reselling of Products

The reselling of any product you receive through Vipon is NOT ALLOWED.  Reselling on Amazon or any other online platform is NOT ALLOWED.  Violators will be removed from the deals community and not welcome back again. 

DO NOT Purchase More Than One Unit of the Product

Do not under any circumstance purchase more than one unit of a product that you receive a coupon code for through Vipon.

NO Sharing of the Coupon Codes With Others

Do not share the coupon codes you get with anyone. They are meant for you and only you to use.  Do not share with friends or on public sites like social media.


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