Why Don't I Get Approvals?

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Q: Why Don't I Get Email Approvals Anymore?

  • Sometimes the approval or voucher code emails have issues. 
  • This is usually due to the high volume of emails and spam filters.
  • We recommend using the  'Deal Requests' dashboard for keeping track of all your approvals and codes. 
  • You should check your spam folder and be sure to add our email address to your contacts. 
  • Also you can try updating you email again in the Account tab. 
But if all of this doesn't work there is nothing we can do. Your email system is blocking our requests.

Q: Why didn't I get approved to purchase a product?

If you didn't get selected to be a shopper for a product, then in your dashboard against that product it will say 'Not Approved'.

Once you've seen this status, you can then click 'Remove Request' and it will disappear from your dashboard. 

Q: Why wasn't I selected?

If you click on the link 'Not Approved Why' additional information appears in a popup window. A screenshot of this information is below.

The seller may not select your for a number of reasons:

  • There are no codes left.
  • The promotion is over.
  • They choose not to select you. 
  • The price has/will changed and they need to remove any outstanding purchase requests.


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