Using the Vipon Dashboard 2.0

The BEST way to stay on top of all your requests, approvals, and codes is to use the 'Deal Requests' dashboard in Vipon.  

Here is an overview of the new dashboard:

  1. By clicking on the "Deal Requests" link in the top menu you will come to this dashboard.  On this page you can see all the product deals you've requested and all the products you've been approved for.
  2. Account Summary bar: The blue bar running across the top of your screen gives you a summary of your account info, including:
    1. Vouchers remaining: The number of voucher requests remaining out of the 150 requests you are allowed per month.
  3. Seller Contact Email: Please use this for all issues with the product or the coupon codes. See more about Help With Voucher Codes here. 
  4. Status Column: See the status of all of your current requests.
  5. Purchasing Instructions: If you have been approved you will see 2 buttons in this column:
    "Accept Voucher”
    “Decline Voucher”

    After being approved you still have the option to other accept or decline the voucher. (See step 7)

    You will have 3 days to make a decision on whether to accept the voucher.
    After accepting the voucher you will have 2 days to complete the purchase. 

    If you click the “Accept Voucher” button then the voucher code and A GREEN box titled "Buy Now” will appear.
    Click this to go directly to the product page to complete the purchase.  
  6. Seller Instructions: Please always read the instructions left for you by the seller. It can refer to buying the product.
  7. Voucher Column: After you have been approved this is where you will have the option to "Accept Voucher” or “Decline Voucher”
  8. After pressing “Accept Voucher” your voucher/coupon code will be displayed in this column. Use this when purchasing the product to receive the discount.
  9. "Report a problem" button:  Use this button to report issues with sellers to Vipon.   
    1. More details on using this function can been seen here - Reporting Issues with Sellers.
    2. DO NOT report voucher code issues there. For this please see Help with voucher code.


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