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Some products will have multiple sellers, however the voucher codes will only work for the seller who set them up. Therefore at times you may notice you are directed to an exact sellers page from the product link. 

Other times, if the seller haven't set up their product link correctly, you may be using a voucher for the wrong seller, which won't work. If there are multiple sellers please be careful to buy from the right one.

Q: How will I know if a product has multiple sellers?

Most of the time the seller will setup a direct link to their product, so that you don't have to worry about changing the seller details in order to use their voucher code. 

But just so your know, here's what a product looks like on Amazon that has multiple sellers. 

Q: How can I tell who is the current seller in the buy box?

Just above the 'Add to Cart' button you will see details about the seller who currently holds the buy box position. If you want to change this you'll need to select a different seller. Details for this are in the next section. 

Q: How can I see all of the other sellers?

Under the 'Add to Cart' button (also known as the buy box), you will see any other sellers that are listed for this product. 

Click on the link that says 'xx new'.

This will then show the list of sellers competing for this product. It will look like this:

Q: So how can I buy from the right seller?

Again, you shouldn't need to select the seller in most cases. If you do need to purchase from a particular seller, and you need to find it manually, the seller should supply you with the correct details of which seller to buy from. 

So, from this page select the 'Add to cart' button beside the seller you want. For example, if you want to buy from Samy's Camera you'd click the below 'Add to cart' button.

If you're not sure who is the correct seller, and you don't have instructions on how to pick the right one, check the seller contact email. Often the email address will have the sellers name as part of it. 

For example it might be ''.

Q: I still can't get my code to work after selecting the right seller. What should I do?

In this case the only thing you can do is contact the seller and ask for advice. Only they can help with this issue. See more about  Help With Voucher Codes here.


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