How and When to Contact a Seller

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Q: When should I contact a seller?

We recommend working with the seller to resolve any issues. They want you to try their products and will do their best to help you out.

If your voucher doesn't work, try troubleshooting it first with these tips: Help with Voucher Codes

If that doesn't work, then you want to reach out to the seller via email.

Some more examples of situations where you might reach out to the seller are:

  • Your voucher is not working
  • The price of the product is different
  • You no longer want the product
  • The product is out of stock

Remember to always be polite, that is the best way to get problems resolved. Setting up promotions can be tricky for new sellers, and they will do their best to help you out.

Q: How do I contact a seller?

Contact the seller by emailing them. You can find their email on your product promotions dashboard in the product listing:

Q: What if the seller isn't responding?

If a seller isn't responding, remember to give them the benefit of the doubt. Most of our sellers are putting their products on our site because they want you to buy them and enjoy them.

So, sometimes things can prevent the seller from getting back to you right away. Sometimes shopper emails go into the spam inbox for the seller, so they do not see your message. Also, if something has gone wrong with the promotion, the seller may be inundated with emails from many shoppers.

So please give sellers at least 10 days to get back to you from your first email, and you may want to try reaching out to them more than once.

However, if you have waited 10 days and the seller hasn't responded, you will want to report them to us.

To do this you can click ‘Report the Seller’ in your product promotions dashboard.

Some other reasons you might report a seller include:

  • Price changed or incorrect
  • Shipping price incorrect
  • False original price
  • Picture incorrect
  • Wrong product category
  • Possible scam or dishonest

List your reason for reporting, we will receive and review the issue and remove the product or seller if necessary.

Q: What happens when I report a seller?

Even though you don't get a response from us, we get your report and those of every shopper who runs into an issue.

The reports are then tracked and added up and we crack down on sellers who have too many complaints and are violating our rules.

So your reports are extremely helpful to keeping this awesome deal shopping community thriving, and we very much appreciate you taking the time to help us out.

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